BUMP (Boston Urban Music Project)

Mission Statement

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Our Mission

The mission of the Boston Urban Music Project is to fortify urban youth by helping them gain musical proficiency, cultural literacy and personal resilience through African Diasporic music and mentoring.

Our Vision

We envision generations of youth whose musical, social, emotional and academic skills will support and sustain the achievement of every worthy goal they cherish at the core of their being. We will know we have reached this goal when each youth who completes our program is proficient on a musical instrument; understands and can articulate the cultural legacies of African Diasporic music, and has experience in applying this intellectual, emotional and social knowledge in his or her everyday life. We also envision a community of supportive adults from every walk of life who each gives what they can when they can to make this vision a reality. We will know we have reached this goal when every adult that comes into contact with our organization feels and believes that their personal, business, corporate or institutional involvement, no matter the size, is useful and meaningful.

Our Core Values

An Equal Opportunity to Self-Actualization. We believe that music and arts education are essential factors in the development of young people’s self-esteem and creativity. BUMP seeks to provide access to these valuable resources regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Family Involvement.We believe that the involvement and support of family, teachers, community, and friends tremendously enhance the growth of social skills, accountability and personal resilience. Students thrive in the context of supportive community and part of the BUMP mentoring strategy is incorporate community-building strategies into our programs.

Sensitivity to the learning needs of students. We believe that all students learn differently and that all teachers teach differently. Because of this, BUMP seeks to match students and teachers appropriately to maximize teaching and learning.

Study for Scholarship and Performance. We believe that music instruction and performance must be coupled with education about music history, culture and the lives of musicians. The BUMP curriculum takes a comprehensive approach to music education.

Afro-Centric Resource Center. We believe that a crucial support for this work is a unique and ever-developing Afro-Centric Music Resource Center that provides the print, audio & visual media along with state of the art equipment to access these resources, and space for BUMP students, staff and families to comfortably explore and use the resources.

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