BUMP (Boston Urban Music Project)

BUMP Musicology


BUMP Musicology is our popular multi-faceted exploration of the rich social, historical and expressive traditions of African American music, offered in urban schools and community centers since 2007. The program provides detailed lesson plans, curricular and audio-visual materials, hands-on activities, instruction and instructional support. This resilience-building program enthusiastically engages youth in discovering the rich heritage of African Folksong, Negro Spirituals, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Art music, Caribbean, R & B, and Hip-Hop through a variety of artistic domains—singing, playing instruments, games, visual art and more—and makes connections across the curriculum to math, ELA and social studies. This robust class combines active musical performance with active learning about the roles that music plays in our daily lives and in social movements. BUMP Musicology brings a cohesive, progressive, creative, educational and character-building experience with measurable outcomes to underserved and at-risk youth.

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